Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this direct commission discount / rebate service 100% legitimate?

Ans. Yes, TradeMax Group is an introducing broker (IB) Partner of trusted brokers listed on our website and our goal is to help professional Forex traders by providing services of trustworthy and quality Forex brokerages at minimum cost.

2. Is this service available for all Forex traders?

Ans. Absolutely. We are in an agreement with listed Forex brokers to provide direct commission discounts to all Forex traders except for restricted countries not accepted by a broker.

3. Do you mark up my spreads?

Ans. Never, Honesty and Integrity is an essential part of TradeMax Group and we never work against our clients interest.

4. Will my trading conditions change after getting discount?

Ans. No, The trading conditions will always remain the same as you get this service directly from the brokerage and we as an IB Partner hold a reputation for serving traders with quality Forex brokers.

5. How do I sign up for the rebates or commission discount?

Ans. Visit our website homepage and select your preferred broker from the list of Forex brokers and click on Open a Live account link. Note: It is advised to clear your browser cookies before performing this step.

6. Are existing clients of brokers eligible for commission discount / rebate ?

Ans. Yes, In order to do that you will need to visit your preferred Forex brokers page and submit an account transfer request form. Your request will be send to the broker and your existing account will be transferred under TradeMax Group for commission discount.

7. If I sign up with you, will you be able to access to my trading account and trade information?

Ans. Absolutely not. Only you have access to your account and trading information. We only get your Full Name, Email Address and Live Account number associated with our group discount.

8. Does it matter if my trades are profitable or not?

Ans. You will receive a commission discount / rebate no matter whether your trades are profitable or not. There is no disadvantage to you.